We. Are. Home. (Again).

We are home!! By the grace of God, we were discharged today and sent home to heal and recover in our own space. Miracle of all miracles is that Ryan only had 1 sub-clinical (under the hood) seizure overnight (compared to 1 every hour the previous nights) and this is what pushed us over the threshhold they held to send us home!

We are overjoyed to be in our own space, to get a full night’s sleep without being woken up every 3 hours and to be able to heal together. For me at least, the most difficult thing about the hospital was not being able to snuggle and hold each other in our suffering. There is something about a spouse’s embrace that fixes every hurt.

I am confident that we will heal more quickly when we have the comforts of home, our daughter and our dogs by our sides. We praise Jesus for this small (huge) victory today!

8 thoughts on “We. Are. Home. (Again).

  1. Ryan & Bri-
    We can’t imagine what you are going through!
    We are continuing to pray for you & thinking of you.
    Our hearts are with you!

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  2. Bri…thank you for your updates and sharing your heart and prayer needs with all of us! What a gift you are to Ryan.

    Ryan…praying for more positive news and continued steps in the right direction. So thankful to hear this good news.


  3. So glad you got to go home! Praying for continued forward progress on the road to recovery! One day at a time! Love you so much!


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